Impairment Rating Goal

The State of Nevada, Workers  Compensation Division requires that a physician pass an Impairment Rating test offered by AAEME  in order to qualify to  perform an Impairment Rating on an injured worker. 

AAEME  created the impairment rating test specifically for the Nevada Workers Compensation Division.  It was revised based on their input.

This requirement applies to all Medical Professionals in the State of Nevada. The passing score set by the state is 75%.

The Nevada mandate is "to strengthen education and testing requirements for the Nevada PPD raters thereby providing accurate information  for the injured worker and reducing requests for subsequent ratings. NIRSAT is the exclusive provider of the Impairment Rating Certification and AAEME for the Impairment Rating education content for the State of Nevada."

MD's and DC's  are needed to perform an Impairment Rating for victims of automobile accidents. This industry uses the AMA Guides 5th edition nation wide.

Elevate your status and be a Certified Impairment Rating Specialist, one who takes this role seriously and  increase your income. 

5th edition Certified Impairment Rating Skills Assessment.  CIRS

The AMA created the 6th edition Guides based on a new concept of DRE: diagnostic related estimates.  The creators of our sixth edition test, Dr. Mendez, MD, Dr. Olin, MD and Dr. Pirrucelli, DC were also educators and reviewers for the 6th edition of the AMA Guides. Each has provided an in-depth guide on how to approach interpretation and creating an Impairment Rating using the 6th edition of the AMA.

Certification for 6th Edition AMA Guides

Benefits of becoming a CIRS: A Certified Impairment Rating Specialist

Nevada NIRSAT MD and NIRSAT DC Certification

Medical Impairment Ratings are required in many states to help determine loss of function and financial settlements. This applies to federal and state workers compensation, disability, auto accidents and personal injury cases. 

Certification proves Competency in the field of

Impairment Ratings. 



American Academy of Expert Medical Evaluators

Certification for 5th edition AMA Guides

Pricing  ​for Certification:    $500.00

  • Register on line by clicking the red test button.
  •  Once your credit card is processed, the test will added to your online account.
  • The test is 2 to 4 hours long, multiple  choice answers.
  •  Tests were created by MD's and DC's.
  • A Quick Study Guide with sample questions and answers is available to purchase in the store.
  • A CIRS certificate of completion will be emailed to you.
  • ​The passing score for the NIRSAT is 75%.  The passing score for the CIRS is 70%.
  • If you fail, the cost for retaking the test is 50% off.  You have 3 months to retake the test for the reduced price.