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Over 46 states require the use of the AMA Guides to Permanent Impairment.  However, empirical data has indicated that eight out of ten physician's make unintended mistakes when providing an impairment rating  costing the industry millions of dollars and injured workers lost revenue.

AAEME will help you increase the scope of your  practice by performing Impairment & Disability Rating's .

Increase revenue substantially.

We show you how.

Impairment Ratings are required  in 48 states for workers compensation.

Impairment ratings are required for auto accidents and personal injury by MD's and DC's. 

5th edition AMA Guides is used in 50 states

Prove your IR competence by becoming a

Certified Impairment Rating Specialist: CIRS

  • AAEME offers the only online certification test available for all editions of the AMA Guides: (4th, 5th and 6th)
  •  State of Nevada  requires MD's and DC's to take the NIRSAT test to perform Impairment Ratings ( PPD)  on worker compensation cases.
  • CIRS testing offered for 4th, 5th and 6th edition
  •  Quick Referance Guides, provides sample questions, and answers
  • Impairment rating software available for 4th and 5th edition 
  • Network of doctors will be listed for others wanting to employ have your expertise.
  • New exciting source of revenue for your expertise

The personal injury field needs doctors who can perform accurate Impairment Ratings with confidence.

Certified physicians  offer  accurate and fair impairment/ disability ratings , supported by evidence based documentation.

Increase the scope of your practice by providing this much needed service.


American Academy of Expert Medical Evaluators